Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Mission

Salutations! Let's jump right in, shall we?
What would we do without the joys of the internet?

I'd say that's a pretty accurate description.

About a month ago there was a total blackout in our neighborhood. My mom, my sister and I spent the first half an hour of it trying to find each other in the dark: my mom had a flashlight (one of those camping ones), my sister had a mini-flash light and I had my phone. My phone, despite everything that Facebook "likes" say, was absolutely useless in the dark. Thank goodness I have good eyes. Eventually, we all went down in to the living room and actually LIT CANDLES.

Primitive, I know, right? Like, oh my god.

Electricity-less situations like that get me thinking. What the hell would I do without the internet? The majority of my everyday life bases on the internet. Now, I'm not saying this is healthy (physically or socially). If I didn't have the internet, I basically wouldn't know what to do with my life.

Asides from this existential crisis, thinking about how we're all born to die (thanks a lot, Lana Del Rey) and going to burn to crisps when the sun turns in to a super nova, I have a made a few New Year's resolutions. Yes, I know it's February and that I'm a month behind, just let me be, okayyyyy?

And one of these resolutions is do something with my life. Okay, so that's been one of my NY resolutions every year for the past three years. But this year I'm taking action. I'm actually doing something. Enter, R&R - the rambles and rants of a high-school nobody. Hint hint: said high-school nobody is writing this post.

If I would ask my mom what I should do with my life, she'd probably answer with "start off with getting a good education and good grades". Peeps, this is not what I want to hear. Which is why I didn't ask my mom for her opinion about this, because I know exactly which answer I would get. The good part about my mother's opinions is that they are consistent; there's a certain comfort in knowing what your mother would say.

Like when she says to take gloves and hat when you go out, and you're all like "Pfftt, it's not that cold" and it ends up being minus ten fucking degrees (talking from experience here). What do we learn from that? Listen to your mother (Btw, it's my mom's birthday today. Woot woot! Happy birthday, Mom!).

However, this blog is not about my mother. This blog is a MISSION. A mission to do something with my life. It's something I can waste time on in my usual procrastinating ways. It's for fun! For sharing my life and views with the world!

All in all, I have a deep love for rambling on and on about things. And GIFs. I definitely love GIFs. They're the closest Muggle inventions come to the moving photographs of the Harry Potter universe. Now you're probably thinking "Wouldn't life be easier if magic were real?". BUT MAGIC IS REAL, PEOPLE!!!!

Don't believe me? Yeah, I wouldn't either. My arguments are pretty weak.
My no means am I going to use this as a personal diary. Plenty of my whiny peers are already doing that on Facebook. I just want to make my voice heard (that'll be difficult, considering the fact that I'M TYPING THIS) and share my life with others. Sure, it may not be super exciting, I mean, it's not like I'm home schooled and grew up in Africa and am now attending your average American high-school where I'm trying to fit in to the popular clique. I'm not even American, nor do I live in America. Heck, I haven't been to the states before.

Anyways, let's hope putting my heart and soul in to this virtual post gets me somewhere in life instead of taking me in the opposite direction, namely social oblivion. Ha, that's impossible, since I'm already there.